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Overview of the Legal System:

15.12.1970 Ordonnance N° 70-86 portant Code de La Nationalité Algérienne
09.06.1984 Loi N° 84-11 portant Code de la Famille modifiée et complétée
12.08.1996 Order No 25-96 modifying and complementing the Law No 22-89 related to the Competencies of the Supreme Court and its Organization and Functioning
28.11.1996 Constitution de 1996 (Modifiant La Constitution de 1989)
28.11.1996 Constitution of Algeria 1989 (Amended by the Constitutional Revision of 1996)
03.06.1998 Organic Law No 03-98 relating to Competencies of the Court of Conflict of Competence and the Regulation and Work thereof
06.09.2004 Organic Law No 11-04 containing the Basic Law of the Judiciary
27.02.2005 Order No 01-05 amending and supplementing Order No 86-70 including Law of Algerian Nationality
25.02.2008 Loi N° 08-09 correspondant portant Code de Procédure Civile et Administrative
08.10.2010 Guide to Dealer with Justice
22.12.2010 Executive Decree 322-10 containing the Basic Law for Employees belonging to Special Services at National Security
22.05.2011 Executive Decree No 195-11 determining the modality of applying Law No 02-98 relating to Administrative Courts
26.07.2011 Organic Law No 13-11 modifying and complementing Organic Law No 01-98 relating to the Competencies of the Council of State and its Regulation and Functioning
15.07.2015 Law No 14-15 modifying and completing Law No 06-98 determining the General Rules related to Civil Aviation
06.03.2016 Constitution Algérienne (Loi N° 16-01 du 6 Mars 2016)
06.03.2016 Law No 01-16 Containing Constitutional Amendment
25.08.2016 Loi Organique N° 16-12 de L'Assemblée Populaire Nationale et du Conseil de La Nation ainsi que les Relations entre Les Chambres du Parlement et Le Gouvernement
10.06.2018 Law N° 07-18 on the Protection of Natural Persons in the Processing of Personal Data