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Other UN Documents:

--- Sean McFate, “Securing the Future: A Primer on Security Sector Reform in Conflict Countries”, Special Report No. 209, United States Institute of Peace, Washington DC (2008)
--- United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations and Department of Field Support, Guidelines: “Integrating a Gender Perspective into the Work of the United Nations Military in Peacekeeping Operations”, Department of Peacekeeping Operations, New Yo
--- UN Women, “Addressing Conflict-Related Sexual Violence: An Analytical Inventory of Peacekeeping Practice”, United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (2012)
--- UN Statistics on Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Allegation and State Response Rates to Requests for Information on Action Taken Against Alleged Perpetrators: Overview
12.04.1948 United Nations, Ad Hoc Committee on Genocide, Note by the Secretariat
16.10.1948 Continuation of the Consideration of the Draft Convention on Genocide [E/794]: Report of the Economic and Social Council [A/633]
09.12.1970 Basic Principles for the Protection of Civilian Populations in Armed Conflicts
09.12.1970 Principes Fondamentaux Touchant la Protection des Populations Civiles en Période de Conflit Armé
02.07.1985 Mr. B. Whitaker, Revised and Updated Report on the Question of the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide Prepared (Review of Further Developments in Fields with which the Sub-Commission has been Concerned)
27.08.1990 Eighth United Nations Congress on the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders
17.06.1992 An Agenda for Peace
19.07.1994 Summary of Practice of the Secretary-General as Depositary of Multilateral Treaties, UN Office of Legal Affairs, U.N. Doc. ST/LEG/7/Rev.1
25.07.1996 ECOSOC Resolution 1996/31 Consultative relationship between the United Nations and non-governmental organizations
26.08.1996 Promotion et Protection des Droits des Enfants: Impact des conflits armés sur les enfants
30.04.1997 Cape Town Principles and Best Practices
22.06.1998 Ms. Gay J. MacDougall (Special Rapporteur), Contemporary Forms of Slavery: Systematic Rape, Sexual Slavery and Slavery-Like Practices during Armed Conflict
06.06.2000 Contemporary Forms of Slavery: Systematic Rape, Sexual Slavery and Slavery-Like Practices during Armed Conflict (Update to the Final Report Submitted by Ms. Gay J. MacDougall, Special Rapporteur)
12.07.2002 United Nations Peacekeeping
12.06.2003 United Nations Peacekeeping Letter Dated 6 June 2003 from the Permanent Representatives of Canada, Jordan, Liechtenstein, New Zealand and Switzerland to the United Nations Addressed to the President of the Security Council (S/2003/620)
27.02.2004 Independent Study on Best Practices, Including Recommendations, to Assist States in Strengthening their Domestic Capacity to Combat all Aspects of Impunity
23.08.2004 The Rule of Law and Transitional Justice in Conflict and Post-Conflict Societies: Report of the Secretary-General
23.08.2004 Rétablissement de l’état de Droit et Administration de la Justice Pendant la Période de Transition dans les Sociétés en Proie à un Conflit ou Sortant d’un Conflit
08.02.2005 Diane Orentlicher, Impunity Report of the Independent Expert to Update the Set of Principles to Combat Impunity
22.07.2005 Guidelines on Justice in Matters involving Child Victims and Witnesses of Crime, United Nations Economic and Social Council
22.07.2005 Lignes Directrices en Matière de Justice dans les Affaires Impliquant les Enfants Victimes et Témoins d’actes Criminels
15.03.2006 General Assembly, Sixtieth session, 72nd plenary meeting, Official Records
01.02.2007 Paris Principles and Guidelines on Children Associated with Armed Forces or Armed Groups
01.02.2007 Les Principes de Paris: Principes Directeurs Relatifs aux Enfants Associes aux Forces Armees ou aux Groupes Armes
20.03.2007 Nairobi Declaration on Women and Girls' Right to a Remedy and Reparation
21.03.2007 Déclaration de Nairobi sur le Droit des Femmes et des Filles à un Recours et à Réparation
29.05.2008 Roman Anatolievich Kolodkin, Preliminary Report on Immunity of State Officials from Foreign Criminal Jurisdiction, International Law Commission, 60th Session
02.02.2010 Secretary-General Appoints Margot Wallstrom of Sweden as Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict
02.02.2010 Le Secrétaire Général Nomme Mme Margot Wallström, de la Suède, Comme sa Représentante Spéciale Chargée de la Lutte Contre les Violences Sexuelles dans les Conflits Armés
27.04.2010 Women, Peace and Security: Sexual Violence in Situations of Armed Conflict, Statement by UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General, Margot Wallstrom, New York, 27 April 2010
10.06.2010 Roman Anatolevich Kolodkin, Second Report on Immunity of State Officials from Foreign Criminal Jurisdiction, International Law Commission, 62nd Session
22.06.2012 Secretary-General Appoints Zainab Hawa Bangura of Sierra Leone Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict
22.06.2012 Le Secrétaire Général a Nommé Zainab Hawa Bangura, de la Sierra Leone, Représentate Spéciale Chargée de la Question des Violences Sexuelles Commises en Période de Conflit
01.01.2013 Gender on the Move: Working on the Migration-Development Nexus from a Gender Perspective
14.03.2013 Human Development Report 2013 The Rise of the South: Human Progress in a Diverse World
01.11.2013 Les Enfants et les Conflits Armés
01.01.2014 UNICEF Children and Emergencies in 2014: Facts and Figures
01.05.2014 Protégez les Écoles et les Hôpitaux
27.04.2016 Secretary-General Calls Anniversary ‘a Call to Action’, Reminder of Work Remaining, at Event Marking 20 Years of Comprehensive Test-Ban Treaty
04.08.2016 Letter dated 1 August 2016 from the Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations addressed to the President of the General Assembly