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Non-Governmental Organisations:

19.09.1981 Universal Islamic Declaration of Human Rights
30.04.1998 Report on the March-April 1998 Session of the Preparatory Committee on the Establishment of an International Criminal Court
23.04.1999 Standards of professional responsibility and statement of the essential duties and rights of prosecutors
28.02.2006 Cambodian League for the Promotion and Defence of Human Rights, "Legal and Judicial Reform in Cambodia"
30.06.2006 International Bar Association Human Rights Institute, "ICC Monitoring and Outreach Programme First Outreach Report", June 2006
31.12.2006 The Manual on the Law of Non-International Armed Conflict With Commentary
14.12.2007 Redress, "Making the ICC Relevant to Affected Communities", Report Prepared for the 6th Assembly of States Parties, New York, 28 November–14 December 2007
01.01.2009 Metodologia
01.01.2009 Tematy wprowadzające
01.01.2009 Terminologia
01.01.2009 Moduł 1
01.01.2009 Moduł 2
01.01.2009 Moduł 3
01.01.2009 Moduł 4
01.01.2009 Moduł 5
24.02.2009 International Crisis Group, “The Politics of Ending Impunity”
30.11.2010 Condamnation de Khaled Ben Saïd: Une victoire contre l’impunité en Tunisie
31.08.2011 International Bar Association, Fairness at the International Criminal Court, IBA, London, August 2011
10.11.2011 Coalition for the International Criminal Court, "Factsheet: The Rome Statute in the World"
01.11.2012 Kwartalnik o prawach człowieka 3/2012
01.11.2012 Targeted Killings (Drone Strikes) And the European Convention On Human Rights
14.11.2012 Victims’ Rights Working Group, "International Criminal Court at 10: The Implementation of Victims’ Rights", 11th Session of the Assembly of States Parties, 14-22 November 2012
30.11.2012 International Bar Association, Counsel Matters at the International Criminal Court: A Review of Key Developments Impacting Lawyers Practising before the ICC, November 2012
16.01.2013 Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination, Handbook on the Ratification and Implementation of the Kampala Amendments to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court
28.02.2013 Peace, Justice, and Reconciliation in Africa: Opportunities and Challenges in the Fight Against Impunity
21.05.2013 International Crisis Group „Drones: Myths and Reality in Pakistan”, 21.05.2013, Asia Report No. 247
31.12.2013 Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, “Mexico: Internal Displacement in Brief” December 2013
01.01.2014 Redress, "The Constitutional Protection of Human Rights in Sudan: Challenges and Future Perspectives" (2014)
01.09.2014 Wytyczne dotyczące Biznesu i Praw Człowieka. Wdrażanie dokumentu Ramowego ONZ "Chronić, szanować, naprawiać"
31.12.2014 Coalition for the International Criminal Court, "Comments and Recommendations to the 13th Session of the Assembly of States Parties"
31.12.2014 Coalition for the International Criminal Court, "Factsheet: The ICC and the Arab World"
04.05.2015 This is How We Fought in Gaza - Soldiers' testimonies and photographs from Operation "Protective Edge" (2014)
08.12.2015 Jan Hofmeyr and Rajen Govender, National Reconciliation, Race Relations, and Social Inclusion, South Africa Reconciliation Barometer Briefing Paper 1, Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, 2015
31.12.2015 Penal Reform International and Association for the Prevention of Torture, Fact-sheet: Instruments of restraint, Addressing risk factors to prevent torture and ill-treatment, in Detention Monitoring Tools (2nd Edition, 2015)
31.12.2015 Make way for Justice #1
31.12.2016 Video as Evidence, Field Guide
31.12.2016 Make way for Justice #2
31.12.2017 Make way for Justice #3
28.02.2018 Legal Analysis: ICC Internal Accountability Mechanisms and Policies
12.03.2018 Make way for Justice #4: Momentum Towards Accountability