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31.12.2003 The Nationality Act
25.01.2005 Report of the International Commission of Inquiry on Darfur
14.07.2008 The National Elections Act 2008
30.08.2010 Interim Constitution of the Republic of Sudan
30.08.2010 The Constitution of the Republic of Sudan
30.08.2010 The Penal Code
30.08.2010 The Police General Regulations
30.08.2010 The Prisons Act
30.08.2010 The High Judicial Act
30.08.2010 Passports and Immigration Act
31.08.2010 The ICC and the Darfur Conflict
31.08.2010 How should the ICC office of the Prosecutor Choose its cases?
31.08.2010 The Clash of Commitments at the International Criminal Court
30.11.2010 Interim National Constitution of the Republic of Sudan
30.11.2010 Taking Judicial Notice of Genocide?
31.12.2010 Passports and Immigration Act, 2003