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03.02.2014 Order Designating State in Which Milan Lukić is to Serve his Sentence
24.02.2014 Order Assigning Judges to a Case Before the Appeals Chamber
12.03.2014 Decision on Prosecution Motion for Order on Scheduling of Response
12.03.2014 Order Designating a Pre-Review Judge
14.03.2014 Order on Milan Lukić's Request regarding an Addendum to His Request for Review of the Trial Judgement
10.04.2015 Decision on Milan Lukić's Motion Pursuant to Rule 154 to Enlarge the Time Limit for Filing of the Reply Brief
07.07.2015 Decision on Milan Lukić's Application for Review
20.07.2015 First Part of the Dissenting Opinion of Judge Jean-Claude Antonetti to the Decision of 7 July 2015
22.09.2015 Order Assigning a Bench to Consider a Notice of Appeal and a Prosecution Motion
13.11.2015 Decision on Prosecution's Motion to Strike Milan Lukić's Notice of Appeal of Decision on Appliction for Review
21.12.2015 Request to Registry to Permanently Change the Status of a Filing
27.01.2016 Motion for Reconsideration and Review of Sentence of Mr. Lukic in Estonia and Transfer to the Hague