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Ferencz, Benjamin B.:

15.05.1944 Rehabilitation of Army Offenders
15.05.1945 Hostile French Civilians
15.05.1948 Nurnberg Trial Procedure and the Rights of the Accused
15.05.1972 Defining Aggression: Where it stands and where it's going
15.07.1973 A Proposed Definition of Aggression: By Compromise and Consensus
15.05.1981 American Bar Association: All that Can Protect Humanity is International Law. The Draft Code of Offenses Is the First Step.
15.05.1981 Current Developments: The Draft Code of Offences Against the Peace and Security of Mankind
02.04.1990 The Nuremberg Precedent and the Prosecution of State-Sponsored Mass Murder
15.05.1992 War Crimes: The Nuremberg Principles and the Gulf War
15.05.1992 An International Criminal Code and Court: Where They Stand and Where They're Going
15.05.1996 Ameliorating Traumas Caused by International Crimes and Other Crises
01.06.1998 Make Law Not War
15.05.2001 International Trials for Internal Armed Conflicts
15.05.2001 International trials for internal armed conflicts
15.05.2003 The International Criminal Court: The First Year and Future Prospects
15.05.2003 Misguided Fears about the International Criminal Court
15.05.2003 International Law Association Panel Discussion on "The Holocaust as Catalyst for International Justice": Summary of Extemporaneous Remarks
15.05.2004 Tribute to Nuremberg Prosecutor Jackson
15.05.2005 The Holocaust and the Nuremberg Trials
15.05.2007 A World of Peace under the Rule of Law: The View from America
15.05.2007 Enabling the International Criminal Court to Punish Aggression
15.05.2009 Ending Impunity for the Crime of Aggression
15.05.2015 The Illegal Use Of Armed Force As A Crime Against Humanity