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Bassiouni, M. Cherif:

15.05.1980 Protection of Diplomats Under Islamic Law
15.04.1982 Media Coverage of Terrorism: The Law and the Public
15.03.1985 The Protection of "Collective Victims" in International Law
15.03.1990 A Functional Approach to "General Principles of International Law"
15.05.1990 Effective National and International Action Against Organized Crime and Terrorist Criminal Activities
15.05.1990 International Trafficking Symposium: Critical Reflections on International and National Control of Drugs
15.05.1990 The Arab Human Rights Program of The International Institute of Higher Studies in Criminal Sciences, Siracusa, Italy
15.05.1991 Enslavement as an International Crime
15.05.1993 Human Rights in the Context of Criminal Justice: Identifying International Procedural Protections and Equivalent Protections in National Constitutions
15.05.1994 "Crimes Against Humanity": The Need for a Specialized Convention
15.05.1994 Current Developments: The United Nations Commission of Experts Established Pursuant to Security Council Resolution 780 (1992)
15.05.1994 The Commission of Experts Established pursuant to Security Council Resolution 780: Investigating Violations of International Humanitarian Law in the Former Yugoslavia
15.05.1995 Former Yogoslavia: Investigating Violations of International Humanitarian Law and Establishing an International Criminal Tribunal
15.09.1996 International Crimes: Jus Cogens and Obligatio Erg a Omnes
15.09.1996 Searching for Peace and Achieving Justice: The Need for Accountability
15.05.1997 From Versailles to Rwanda in Seventy-Five Years: The Need to Establish a Permanent International Criminal Court
01.01.1998 © M. Cherif Bassiouni, The Statute of the International Criminal Court: A Documentary History, Transnational Publishers, Ardsley, New York, 1998
15.09.1998 The Normative Framework of International Humanitarian Law: Overlaps, Gaps and Ambiguities
15.05.1999 Negotiating the Treaty of Rome on the Establishment of an International Criminal Court
15.05.1999 Policy Perspectives Favoring the Establishment of the International Criminal Court
15.05.2000 Combating Impunity for International Crimes
15.05.2001 Appraising UN Justice-Related Fact-Finding Missions
15.05.2001 Universal Jurisdiction for International Crimes: Historical Perspectives and Contemporary Practice
15.05.2001 Legal Control of International Terrorism: A Policy-Oriented Assessment
15.05.2002 World War I: "The War to End All Wars" and the Birth of a Handicapped International Criminal Justice System
31.12.2002 © Bassiouni, M., Introduction au droit pénal international (2002)(F).pdf
31.12.2002 The History of Aggression in International Law, Its culmination in the Kampala Amendments, and its future legal characterization
15.05.2003 Reforming International Extradition: Lessons of the Past for a Radical New Approach
15.05.2003 Justice and Peace: The Importance of Choosing Accountability Over Realpolitik
15.05.2004 Terrorism: The Persistent Dilemma of Legitimacy
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15.05.2005 The Legislative History of the International Criminal Court: An Article-by-Article Evolution of the Statute
15.05.2005 International Criminal Justice and Palestine
15.05.2005 Universal Jurisdiction Unrevisited: The International Court of Justice Decision in Case Concerning the Arrest Warrant of 11 April 2000 (Democratic Republic of the Congo v Belgium)
15.05.2006 The Institutionalization of Torture Under the Bush Administration
15.05.2006 International Recognition of Victims' Rights
15.05.2007 Ceding the High Ground: The Iraqi High Criminal Court Statute and the Trial of Saddam Hussein
15.05.2007 Evolving Approaches to Jihad: From Self-defense to Revolutionary and Regime-Change Political Violence
15.09.2007 The Aaug: Reflections on a Lost Opportunity
15.05.2008 The New Wars and the Crisis of Compliance with the Law of Armed Conflict by Non-State Actors
15.05.2010 Legal Status of US Forces in Iraq From 2003-2008
15.05.2010 Perspectives on International Criminal Justice
15.05.2010 Crimes Against Humanity: The Case for a Specialized Convention
15.05.2010 Legal Status of US Forces in Iraq From 2003-2008
25.04.2011 © M. Cherif Bassiouni, Crimes Against Humanity, Historical Evolution and Contemporary Application, Cambridge, 2011
15.05.2012 The Future of Human Rights in the Age of Globalization
31.12.2012 © M.Cherif Bassiouni, Introduction to International Criminal Law: Second Revised Edition (Martinus Nijhoff, 2012)
15.05.2015 Misunderstanding Islam on the Use of Violence
31.12.2016 © M. Cherif Bassiouni and William A. Schabas (eds.), The Legislative History of the International Criminal Court, Second Edition, Brill Nijhoff, Leiden/Boston, 2016