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Human Rights Watch (HRW):

04.02.2004 Human Rights Watch, "ICC: Investigate All Sides in Uganda, Chance for Impartial ICC Investigation into Serious Crimes a Welcome Step"
11.06.2004 Human Rights Watch, "DR Congo: War Crimes in Bukavu"
01.06.2005 Human Rights Watch, "The Meaning of "The Interests of Justice" in Article 53 of the Rome Statute"
29.06.2005 "Safe Areas" for Srebrenica's Most Wanted, A Decade of Failure to Apprehend Karadzic and Mladic
20.09.2005 Human Rights Watch, "Uganda: Army and Rebels Commit Atrocities in the North, International Criminal Court Must Investigate Abuses on Both Sides"
30.11.2005 Human Rights Watch, "Human Rights Watch Memorandum for the 4th ICC Assembly of States Parties"
31.10.2006 Human Rights Watch, "The Selection of Situations and Cases for Trial before the International Criminal Court"
31.12.2006 Human Rights Watch, Genocide, War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity: A Topical Digest of the Case Law of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, 2006
27.07.2007 Human Rights Watch, "Cambodia: July 1997: Shock and Aftermath"
06.12.2007 Human Rights Watch, "Crackdown, Repression of the 2007 Popular Protests in Burma"
23.01.2009 Up in Flames: Humanitarian Law Violations and Civilian Victims in the Conflict over South Ossetia
31.12.2009 Rain of Fire: Israel’s Unlawful Use of White Phosphorus in Gaza
16.06.2011 Human Rights Watch, "ICC: Course Correction, Recommendations to the Prosecutor for a More Effective Approach to “Situations under Analysis”"
15.09.2011 Unfinished Business: Closing Gaps in the Selection of ICC Cases
31.12.2012 Human Rights Watch, "Losing Humanity: the Case Against Killer Robots"
08.08.2014 Human Rights Watch, "Cambodia: Khmer Rouge Convictions ‘Too Little, Too Late’, Political Interference, Delays, Corruption Make Tribunal a Failure"
27.09.2014 Guinea: 5 Years On, No Justice for Massacre
30.11.2014 Human Rights Watch, "Rights in Retreat: Abuses in Crimea"
31.12.2014 Human Rights Watch, “World Report 2014: Mexico” (2014) pp. 265-272
22.07.2015 Human Rights Watch, "They Burned It All - Destruction of Villages, Killings, and Sexual Violence in Unity State, South Sudan"
18.08.2015 Human Rights Watch, "Complicit in Exclusion - South Africa's Failure to Guarantee an Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities"
01.09.2015 Human Rights Watch, "Left Out? - Obstacles to Education for People with Disabilities in Russia"
16.09.2015 Human Rights Watch, "State of Fear - Arbitrary Arrests, Torture and Killings"
20.09.2015 Human Rights Watch, "Ruinous Aftermath - Militia Abuses Following Iraq's Recapture of Tikrit"
21.09.2015 Human Rights Watch, "As Though We Are Not Human Beings - Police Brutality against Migrants and Asylum Seekers in Macedonia"
22.09.2015 Human Rights Watch, "Australia at the Human Rights Council - Ready for a Leadership Role?"
22.09.2015 Human Rights Watch, "Look for Another Homeland - Forced Evictions in Egypt's Rafah"
24.09.2015 Human Rights Watch, "Why Not Call This Place a Prison - Unlawful Detention and Ill-Treatment in Rwanda's Gikondo Transit Center"
28.09.2015 Human Rights Watch, "The Issue is Violence - Attacks on LGBT People on Kenya's Coast"
29.09.2015 Human Rights Watch, "What...if Something Went Wrong? - Hazardous Child Labor in Small-Scale Gold Mining in the Philippines"
01.10.2015 Human Rights Watch, "Justice on Trial - Lessons from the Minova Rape case in the Democratic Republic of Congo"
15.10.2015 Human Rights Watch, "There is No Time Left - Climate Change, Environmental Threats, and Human Rights in Turkana County, Kenya"
16.10.2015 Human Rights Watch, "Like We Are Not Nepali - Protest and Police Crackdown in the Terai Region of Nepal"
23.10.2015 Human Rights Watch, "We Live in Constant Fear - Lack of Accountability for Police Abuse in Sri Lanka"
25.10.2015 Human Rights Watch, "Chained Like Prisoners - Abuses Against People with Psychosocial Disabilities in Somaliland"
26.10.2015 Human Rights Watch, "Creating A Culture Of Fear - The Criminalization Of Peaceful Expression In Malaysia"
28.10.2015 Human Rights Watch, "Call Me When He Tries To Kill You - State Response To Domestic Violence in Krgyzstan"
28.10.2015 Human Rights Watch, "Our School Became the Battlefield - Using Schools for Child Recruitment and Military Purposes in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo"
04.11.2015 Human Rights Watch, "Bashed Up - Family Violence in Papua New Guinea"
09.11.2015 Human Rights Watch, "Human Rights Watch Briefing Note for the Fourteenth Session of the International Criminal Court Assembly of States Parties"
31.01.2016 Human Rights Watch, “Nigeria”, in World Report 2016
20.10.2016 Human Rights Watch, "Q&A: First Cracks to Impunity in Syria, Iraq, Refugee Crisis and Universal Jurisdiction Cases in Europe"
29.08.2017 Human Rights Watch, “Who Will Stand for Us?: Victims’ Legal Representation at the ICC in the Ongwen Case and Beyond”
06.10.2017 Human Rights Watch, “La CPI a appris des échecs du passé”
03.05.2018 Human Rights Watch, "Pressure Point: The ICC’s Impact on National Justice, Lessons from Colombia, Georgia, Guinea, and the United Kingdom"