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21.11.1945 Robert H. Jackson, "Opening Statement before the International Military Tribunal"
31.12.1956 Immanuel Kant, Die Metaphysik der Sitten
31.12.1970 G.W.F. Hegel, Werke in zwanzig Banden 7, Grundlinien der Philosophie des Rechts - Theorie Werkausgabe Suhrkamp Verlag
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31.12.2003 Kelly D. Askin, Prosecuting Wartime Rape and Other Gender-Related Crimes Under International Law (2003)(E)
31.12.2003 James Crawford et al., Joint Opinion on Bilateral Immunity Agreements by USA Under Art. 98(2) (2003)(E)
06.06.2009 ICTY Judge Frederik Harhoff Email to 56 Contacts, June 6, 2013
26.02.2014 John Attard-Montalto, Stosowanie uzbrojonych dronów (debata)
29.09.2017 Ex-Chefankläger Ocampo beschützte libyschen Milliardär
29.09.2017 Inside the International Criminal Court: revelations on its former top prosecutor
29.09.2017 How chief prosecutor at International Criminal Court owned companies in tax havens
01.10.2017 Insight: Luis Moreno Ocampo, war crimes prosecutor, tipped off Gadaffi crony Hassan Tatanaki
01.10.2017 Revealed: ICC prosecutor Luis Morteno Ocampo’s link to friend of the Gadaffis
01.10.2017 Former ICC prosecutor's lucrative links with Libyan billionaire and ex-ally of Gaddafi
02.10.2017 Medewerker van Strafhof betaald voor lobby bij het hof
02.10.2017 Conflits d’intérêts et rémunérations cachées à la Cour pénale internationale
04.10.2017 Crimes contre l'humanité au Kenya: l'incroyable double jeu du procureur de la CPI
05.10.2017 A former ICC chief's dubious links
06.10.2017 Angelian Jolie, Omidyar et le Qatar: Le cabinet caché du procureur Ocampo
06.10.2017 Procès Gbagbo: les preuves d'un montage
06.10.2017 Secrets of the International Criminal Court Revealed
06.10.2017 The secret double-dealing in Kenyatta 'crimes against humanity' case
06.10.2017 La CPI ouvre une enquete après les révélations de Mediapart
06.10.2017 Morten Bergsmo, "ICC må gjenreise tilliten"
08.10.2017 The devious manoeuvres behind ex-Ivorian leader Laurent Gbagbo's trial at ICC
12.10.2017 A critical time for the ICC’s credibility
13.10.2017 CPI: comment le procureur Ocampo a organisé son impunité