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Other Publications:

31.12.1651 Leviathan or, The Matter, Forme & Power of a Commonwealth, Ecclesiasticall and Civill
31.12.1689 Second Treatise of Government
31.12.1795 Immanuel Kant, "Perpetual Peace: A Philosophical Sketch"
12.11.1855 William E. Gladstone, "Our Colonies"
31.12.1907 Jeremy Bentham, An Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation, reprint of 1823 edition, Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1907
08.01.1918 President Wilson's Fourteen Points
11.02.1918 President Wilson's Addendum to the Fourteen Points, 11 February 1918
25.02.1918 Count Georg von Hertling on President Wilson's Addendum to the Fourteen Points, 25 February 1918
27.02.1918 Arthur Balfour on President Wilson's Addendum to the Fourteen Points, 27 February 1918
31.03.1944 The International Secretariat of the Future: Lessons from Experience by a Group of Former Officials of the League of Nations
21.11.1945 Robert H. Jackson, "Opening Statement before the International Military Tribunal"
07.07.1946 Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, "Atom Bomb and Ahimsa"
08.10.1954 Report on Standards of Conduct in the International Civil Service 1954
31.12.1955 Memoirs by Harry S. Truman, Volume I: Year of Decisions
31.12.1956 Immanuel Kant, Die Metaphysik der Sitten
01.01.1965 Swadesh Mehta, "India's Attitude Towards Collective Security System under the United Nations: 1947-62), Jawaharlal Nehru University
31.12.1969 Impact of Pearl Harbor Attack
31.12.1969 Early Beginnings
31.12.1970 G.W.F. Hegel, Werke in zwanzig Banden 7, Grundlinien der Philosophie des Rechts - Theorie Werkausgabe Suhrkamp Verlag
31.03.1996 Croatian General Plans to Surrender To Hague Tribunal
26.03.2003 Lord Goldsmith, Advice on Authorisation for an Interim Administration in Iraq (26-03-2003)(E)
30.04.2003 Niall Ferguson, "British Imperialism Revised: The Costs and Benefits of ‘Anglobalization’"
31.12.2003 Kelly D. Askin, Prosecuting Wartime Rape and Other Gender-Related Crimes Under International Law (2003)(E)
31.12.2003 James Crawford et al., Joint Opinion on Bilateral Immunity Agreements by USA Under Art. 98(2) (2003)(E)
21.06.2004 Mohamed ElBaradei, “Nuclear Non-Proliferation: Global Security In A Rapidly Changing World”
27.03.2006 Magdi Abdelhadi, "What Islam says on religious freedom"
14.11.2006 Hans Corell, “Who Needs Reforming the Most – the UN or its Members?”
26.05.2007 Phil Clark, "Dilemmas of justice, The challenges faced by the international criminal court are about more than "peace vs justice""
31.12.2007 ¿Existe un Daño al Proyecto de Vida
07.09.2008 Gregory S. Gordon, "John F. Kennedy – History, Memory, Legacy: An Interdisciplinary Enquiry" (2008)
01.10.2008 Banning the Production of Fissile Material for Nuclear Weapons, Country Perspectives on the Challenges to the Fissile Material (Cut-off) Treaty
06.06.2009 ICTY Judge Frederik Harhoff Email to 56 Contacts, June 6, 2013
18.09.2009 Lydiah Kemunto Bosire, "Misconceptions II – Domestic Prosecutions and the International Criminal Court"
18.09.2009 Hans Corell, "The Need for the Rule of Law in International Affairs"
10.12.2009 Barack Obama, Nobel Lecture, "A Just and Lasting Peace"
01.01.2010 Gregory S. Gordon, "Book Review: JFK and the Unspeakable – Why He Died & Why It Matters by James W Douglass" Peace and Justice Studies 84 (2010)
10.01.2010 © Richard G. Whitman and Stefan Wolff, " The EU as a conflict manager? The case of Georgia and its implications", International Affairs, Vol. 86, Issue 1, pp. 87 – 107
27.10.2010 Harold Hongju Koh, “The Challenges and Future of International Justice, Panel Discussion at NYU Center For Global Affairs”, 27 October 2010
30.11.2010 Director of Public Prosecutions, "Guidelines for Prosecutors"
04.02.2012 Russia, China veto UN Security Council resolution on Syria
10.02.2012 Claire Grandison,"Maximizing the Impact of ICC Preliminary Examinations"
21.09.2012 The International Criminal Court: A New Approach to International Relations
28.11.2012 Mong Palatino, "Human Rights Declaration Falls Short"
01.07.2013 Solicitor-General’s Prosecution Guidelines
20.09.2013 Archis Mohan, "India and the United Nations: The quest for equity", In Focus, Ministry of External Affairs, India
28.01.2014 Interview with Fatou Bensouda
30.01.2014 Owen Bowcott, "Backlog at European court of human rights falls below 100,000 cases"
18.02.2014 Maria Dakolias, "Court Performance Around the World: A Comparative Perspective"
26.02.2014 John Attard-Montalto, Stosowanie uzbrojonych dronów (debata)
31.05.2014 Chantal Meloni, "Kenya and the ICC: A Boomerang Effect?"
07.01.2015 How Can People Report Crimes to the ICC?
31.03.2015 Andrii Klymenko, "Human Rights Abuses in Russia-Occupied Crimea"
09.06.2015 PM Netanyahu addresses the Herzliya Conference
27.09.2015 Los arquitectos del acuerdo
22.06.2016 James Verini, "The Prosecutor and the President"
03.10.2016 Nicholas Mercer, "The truth about British army abuses in Iraq must come out"
16.11.2016 Shaun Walker and Owen Bowcott, "Russia withdraws signature from international criminal court statute"
31.12.2016 Fan Yuwen, "Fragmentation of International Law and Integration through Interpretation: A Case Study of European Court of Human Rights", Chinese Yearbook of International Law 2016, pp.426-52
17.01.2017 Operation Condor: Condemned to Life!
02.02.2017 Professor Phil Shiner and the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal
02.02.2017 Owen Bowcott, "Phil Shiner: Iraq human rights lawyer struck off over misconduct"
05.04.2017 Jessica Hatcher-Moore, "Is the world's highest court fit for purpose?"
12.04.2017 Leigh Payne, Andy Reiter, Chris Mahony, and Laura Bernal-Bermudez, "Conflict Prevention and Guarantees of Non-Recurrence"
21.09.2017 Pathways for Peace: Inclusive Approaches to Preventing Violent Conflict - Main Messages and Emerging Policy Directions
29.09.2017 Ex-Chefankläger Ocampo beschützte libyschen Milliardär
29.09.2017 Inside the International Criminal Court: revelations on its former top prosecutor
29.09.2017 How chief prosecutor at International Criminal Court owned companies in tax havens
29.09.2017 Martha Minow, “A Lesson from Germany on eradicating a legacy of hate”, 29 September 2017
01.10.2017 Insight: Luis Moreno Ocampo, war crimes prosecutor, tipped off Gadaffi crony Hassan Tatanaki
01.10.2017 Revealed: ICC prosecutor Luis Morteno Ocampo’s link to friend of the Gadaffis
01.10.2017 Former ICC prosecutor's lucrative links with Libyan billionaire and ex-ally of Gaddafi
02.10.2017 Medewerker van Strafhof betaald voor lobby bij het hof
02.10.2017 Conflits d’intérêts et rémunérations cachées à la Cour pénale internationale
04.10.2017 Crimes contre l'humanité au Kenya: l'incroyable double jeu du procureur de la CPI
05.10.2017 A former ICC chief's dubious links
06.10.2017 Angelian Jolie, Omidyar et le Qatar: Le cabinet caché du procureur Ocampo
06.10.2017 Procès Gbagbo: les preuves d'un montage
06.10.2017 Secrets of the International Criminal Court Revealed
06.10.2017 The secret double-dealing in Kenyatta 'crimes against humanity' case
06.10.2017 La CPI ouvre une enquete après les révélations de Mediapart
06.10.2017 Morten Bergsmo, "ICC må gjenreise tilliten"
08.10.2017 The devious manoeuvres behind ex-Ivorian leader Laurent Gbagbo's trial at ICC
12.10.2017 A critical time for the ICC’s credibility
13.10.2017 CPI: comment le procureur Ocampo a organisé son impunité
15.11.2017 Owen Bowcott, "UK calls for ‘greater clarity’ on ICC’s new crime of aggression"
29.11.2017 ICCBA Statement on Allegations Against Former ICC Prosecutor
29.11.2017 Donald M. Ferencz, "Des grandes puissances tentent d'empêcher l'activation de la compétence de la CPI sur le crime d'agression"
29.11.2017 Donald M. Ferencz, "Las grandes potencias intentan impedir la activación de la competencia de la CPI sobre el crimen de agresión "
29.11.2017 Donald M. Ferencz, "Great powers try to prevent the activation of the jurisdiction of the ICC over the crime of aggression"
12.12.2017 Donald M. Ferencz, "U.K Working to Kill the Crime of Aggression"
12.12.2017 Donald M. Ferencz, "Le Royaume-Uni s'emploie à tuer le crime d'agression"
12.12.2017 Donald M. Ferencz, "El Reino Unido se emplea a fondo para acabar con el crimen de agresión"
31.12.2017 Historical Context for Leviathan
10.01.2018 Dhruva Reactor - Overview
23.02.2018 Stéphanie Maupas, "Enquête sur la gouvernance du personnel de la Cour Pénale Internationale"
28.02.2018 Pathways for Peace: Inclusive Approaches to Preventing Violent Conflict
12.03.2018 The Norwegian Helsinki Committee, "Letter to Mrs. Fatou Bensouda, Prosecutor of the ICC"
14.03.2018 Hanneke Chin-A-Fo, "Roep om extern onderzoek naar misstanden bij Internationaal Strafhof"
15.03.2018 Stéphanie Maupas, "Le Comité Helsinki réclame une enquête indépendante sur les dérives de la CPI"
15.03.2018 Stéphanie Maupas, English translation of "Le Comité Helsinki réclame une enquête indépendante sur les dérives de la CPI"
22.03.2018 Stéphanie Maupas, "As Philippines withdraws, “quality justice” is best shield for ICC"
15.06.2018 Jusinbellgium: A century of pioneering case-law. A digital database of Belgian precedents of international justice (1914-2014) - Tutorial
04.12.2018 Remarks by Secretary Pompeo at the German Marshall Fund
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