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Olasolo, Hector:

--- Olasolo, H., Essays on International Criminal Justice (2012)(E).pdf
--- Olasolo, H., The Criminal Responsability of senior political and military leaders as principals to International Crimes (2010)(E).pdf
01.01.2003 Héctor Olásolo, “The Prosecutor of the ICC before the Initiation of Investigations: a Quasi-Judicial or Political Body?”
05.12.2003 Héctor Olásolo, Expert Consultation Process on General Issues Relevant to the ICC Office of the Prosecutor: Issues Regarding the General Powers of the ICC Prosecutor Under Article 42 of the Rome Statute
26.03.2004 Héctor Olásolo, “The Triggering Procedure of the International Criminal Court, Procedural Treatment of the Principle of Complementarity, and the Role of Office of the Prosecutor”, Guest Lecture Series of the Office of the Prosecutor
01.01.2009 Héctor Olásolo, The Criminal Responsibility of Senior Political and Military Leaders as Principals to International Crimes, Oxford/Hart Publishing (2009)
01.01.2009 Hector Olasolo, The Triggering Procedure of the International Criminal Court, Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, Leiden/Boston, 2005
18.10.2010 Héctor Olásolo, “The Role of the International Criminal Court in Preventing Atrocity Crimes Through Timely Intervention: From the Humanitarian Intervention Doctrine and Ex Post Facto Judicial Institutions to the Notion of Responsibility to Protect an