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Greve, Hanne Sophie:

29.04.2017 Hanne Sophie Greve, “The Role of Abbreviated of Criminal Proceedings”, in Morten Bergsmo (ed.), Abbreviated Criminal Procedures for Core International Crimes, FICHL Publication Series No. 9, Torkel Opsahl Academic EPublisher, 2017
29.04.2017 Hanne Sophie Greve, “Characteristics of Large-Scale Crimes”, in Morten Bergsmo, Klaus Rackwitz and SONG Tianying (eds.), Historical Origins of International Criminal Law: Volume 5, FICHL Publication Series No. 24, Torkel Opsahl Academic EPublisher
12.05.2017 Hanne Sophie Greve, "Ubi Ius Ibi Remedium", FICHL Policy Brief Series No. 80 (2017)
30.11.2018 Hanne Sophie Greve, “Inter Homines Esse: The Foundations of International Criminal Law and the Writings of Ambrose, Augustine, Aquinas, Vitoria and Suárez”, in Bergsmo and Buis (ed.), Philosophical Foundations of International Criminal Law