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Bogoeva, Julija:

23.07.2010 Julija Bogoeva, “Introductory Remarks to Part II”, in Morten Bergsmo (editor), Criteria for Prioritizing and Selecting Core International Crimes Cases, 2nd edi-tion, Torkel Opsahl Academic EPublisher, Oslo, 2010
10.06.2014 Julija Bogoeva, "From Lies to Crimes: The Milošević Switch from Communism to Nationalism as State Policy", in Policy Brief Series 19 (2014)
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09.05.2017 Julija Bogoeva, "The War in Yugoslavia in ICTY Judgements: The Goals of the Warring Parties and Nature of the Conflict", FICHL Occasional Paper Series No. 5 (2017)
25.08.2019 Julija Bogoeva, "Rat u Jugoslaviji u presudama MKSJ: Ciljevi zaraćenih strana i priroda sukoba", FICHL Occasional Paper Series No. 5 (2017)