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Robinson, Darryl:

31.01.1999 © Darryl Robinson, “Defining ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ at the Rome Conference”
05.05.2008 Darryl Robinson, "The Identity Crisis of International Criminal Law", Leiden Journal of International Law (2008) vol. 21
01.01.2009 © Darryl Robinson, “Editor's Choice: The Controversy over Territorial State Referrals and Reflections on ICL Discourse”, in Journal of International Criminal Justice, 2011, vol. 9, no. 2, pp. 355-384
12.12.2014 Darryl Robinson, “The Draft Convention on Crimes Against Humanity: What to Do With the Definition?”, in Morten Bergsmo and SONG Tianying (editors), On the Proposed Crimes Against Humanity Convention, FICHL Publication Series No. 18 (2014)