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Drumbl, Mark A.:

31.12.2000 © Mark A. Drumbl, Punishment, Postgenocide: From Guilt to Shame to Civis in Rwanda (2000)(E)
31.12.2003 © Mark A. Drumbl, Toward a Criminology of International Crime (2003)(E)
12.12.2014 Mark A. Drumbl, “The Supreme National Tribunal of Poland and the History of International Criminal Law”, in Morten Bergsmo, CHEAH Wui Ling and YI Ping (editors), Historical Origins of International Criminal Law: Volume 2, FICHL Publication Series No.
29.04.2017 Mark A. Drumbl, “The Two Illusions of All-Embracing Criminal Justice and Exclusively Extrajudicial Responses to Mass Atrocity”, in Morten Bergsmo (ed.), Abbreviated Criminal Procedures for Core International Crimes, Torkel Opsahl Academic EPublisher,
30.11.2018 Mark A. Drumbl, “Genocide: The Choppy Journey to Codification”, in Bergsmo and Buis (ed.), Philosophical Foundations of International Criminal Law: Correlating Thinkers, TOAEP, 2018