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Brandeis International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life:

10.06.2002 "Ethical Dimensions of International Jurisprudence and Adjudication", A keynote address by Hans Corell, Under-Secretary-General for Legal Affairs, The Legal Counsel of the United Nations
31.12.2003 Toward the Development of Ethics Guidelines for International Courts
31.12.2004 The Responsibilities and Challenges of Judging
31.12.2004 The Role of Judges in Public Life and Securing the Appearance of Impartiality (Topics in Ethical Practice 2004)
31.12.2006 The Judiciary as a New Moral Authority? (Topics in Ethical Practice 2006)
31.12.2007 Integrity and Independence — the Shaping of the Judicial Persona (Topics in Ethical Practice 2007)
31.12.2009 Professional Conduct in the International Justice System
31.12.2010 Challenges to Judicial Independence (Topics in Ethical Practice 2010)
31.12.2012 Pre- and Post-Judicial Service Considerations for International Judges (Topics in Ethical Practice 2012)