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Sander, Barrie:

31.01.2011 Unravelling the Confusion Concerning Successor Superior Responsibility in the ICTY
01.02.2011 A Nation at War with Itself: The Potential Impact of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill
19.04.2011 The Broader Consequences of the International Court of Justice’s Advisory Opinion on the Unilateral Declaration of Independence in Respect of Kosovo
20.09.2011 © Capital Punishment Jurisprudence: A Critical Assessment of the Supreme Court of Uganda's Judgment in Attorney General v Susan Kigula and 417 Others
14.02.2012 © Venezuela denounces the ICSID Convention: the consequences
19.11.2015 Barrie Sander, “International Criminal Justice as Progress: From Faith to Critique”, in Morten Bergsmo, CHEAH Wui Ling, SONG Tianying and YI Ping (editors), Historical Origins of International Criminal Law: Volume 4, Torkel Opsahl Academic EPublisher
31.12.2015 The Expressive Limits of International Criminal Justice: Trauma and Local Culture in the Iron Cage of the Law
20.03.2018 History on Trial: Historical Narrative Pluralism Within and Beyond International Criminal Courts
10.04.2018 Justice as Identity: Unveiling the Mechanics of Legitimation in Domestic Atrocity Trials
29.05.2018 © Unveiling the Historical Function of International Criminal Courts: Between Adjudicative and Sociopolitical Justice
19.08.2018 The Method is the Message: Law, Narrative Authority and Historical Contestation in International Criminal Courts
21.02.2019 Barrie Sander, “Justifying International Criminal Punishment: A Critical Perspective”, in Bergsmo and Buis (ed.), Philosophical Foundations of International Criminal Law: Foundational Concepts, TOAEP, 2019
28.06.2019 The Sound of Silence: International Law and the Governance of Peacetime Cyber Operations