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Title:Judgment in the Trial of Adolf Eichmann
Translated title (EN):Judgment in the Trial of Adolf Eichmann
External identifier:None
Content type:Judicial document
Source type:Judicial body
Organisation / State of source:Israel
Related organisation / state:Israel
Organisation / State of judicial body:Israel
Abstract:To be added
Case name (ICC naming convention):Attorney General of the Government of Israel v. Eichmann
Alternative and / or short case title:Eichmann case
Alternative and / or short case title (EN):Eichmann case
Case/Document number:Case No. 40/61
Phase of case:Trial
Composition of chamber:HALEVI, Benjamin; LANDAU, Moshe; RAVEH, Yitzchak
Presiding judge:LANDAU, Moshe
Place of court:Jerusalem, Israel
Type of court:Ordinary jurisdiction
Accused / Defendant:EICHMANN, Adolf
Prosecutor's team / Claimant:BACH; BAR-OR; HAUSNER; ROBINSON; TERLO
Counsel for defence:SERVATIUS, Robert
Date accessed / downloaded:10.01.2009
Number of pages:260
Document type:Microsoft Word (application/msword)
Responsible partner:University of Nottingham
Date published in Legal Tools:10.01.2009
Date registered:10.01.2009
Origin:Internet download
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