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Title:LIU Daqun and ZHANG Binxin (eds.), "Historical War Crimes Trials in Asia", FICHL Publication Series No. 27 (2016)
Content type:Academic writing
Source:Torkel Opsahl Academic EPublisher (TOAEP)
Source type:Publicist
Organisation / State of source:Torkel Opsahl Academic EPublisher (TOAEP)
Date created:27.06.2016
Original language:Yes
Authoritative language:Yes
Abstract:To be added
Date accessed / downloaded:27.05.2016
Number of pages:401
Document type:Adobe PDF (application/pdf)
Responsible partner:LTP Coordination Team
Date published in Legal Tools:27.05.2016
Date registered:27.05.2016
Subject:International criminal law
Author/Editor:LIU Daqun and ZHANG Binxin (eds.); XUE Ru, ZHU Dan, Yuma Totani, David Cohen, GAO Xiudong, LIU Daqun, WANG Xintong, YANG Lijun, ZHANG Tianshu, ZHANG Binxin, GAO Hong and LI Dan, Nina H.B. Jørgensen and Crystal YEUNG, Suzannah Linton, Guido Acquaviva
Publisher:Torkel Opsahl Academic EPublisher (TOAEP)
Download "LIU Daqun and ZHANG Binxin [...]" (3.7 M) Preview