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Download "[ Trial against Ishida Eiguma [...]" (7.7 M)
Database Record Number:296058
Persistent URL:
Title:[ Trial against Ishida Eiguma et al. ] Trial Report
External identifier:UNWCC10.csv:557
Content type:Judicial document
Source:United Nations War Crimes Commission (UNWCC)
Source type:Judicial body
Organisation / State of source:United Nations War Crimes Commission (UNWCC)
Related organisation / state:United Nations (UN)
Organisation / State of judicial body:United Nations (UN)
Date created:03.12.1946
Abstract:To be added.
Place of court:Singapore
Accused / Defendant:ISHIDA, Eiguma; NAKAMURA, Shigeo; ISHII, Tamie; YANAGITA, Shoichi; CHIDA, Sotomatsu
Number of pages:39
Document type:Adobe PDF (application/pdf)
Download "[ Trial against Ishida Eiguma [...]" (7.7 M)