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Title:Morten Bergsmo (ed), "Human Rights and Criminal Justice for the Downtrodden: Essays in Honour of Asbjørn Eide", Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, Leiden/Boston, 2003
Content type:Publications
Source type:Publicist
Organisation / State of source:Torkel Opsahl Academic EPublisher (TOAEP)
Date created:31.12.2003
Original language:Yes
Authoritative language:Yes
Abstract:Sergio Vieira de Mello: Foreword I. Payam Akhavan: The origin and evolution of crimes against humanity: an uneasy encounter between positive law and moral outrage II. Antonio Cassese: The influence of the European Court of Human Rights on international criminal tribunals - some methodological remarks III. Rolf Einar Fife: Criminalizing individuals for acts of aggression committed by states IV. Hanne Sophie Greve: Acts of terrorism and crimes within the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court V. Christopher Keith Hall: Contemporary universal jurisdiction VI. Frederik Harhoff: The first ever international trial on genocide: notes on Akayesu VII. Theodor Meron: How do human rights humanize the law of war? VIII. Erik Møse: Impact of human rights conventions on the two ad hoc Tribunals IX. Bård Anders Andreassen: Development, capabilities, rights: what is new about the right to development and a rights approach to development? X. José T. Esquinas-Alcázar: Genetic resources for food and agriculture: International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture and other international agreements negotiated through the FAO Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture XI. Uwe Kracht: Human rights and humanitarian action: the right to food in armed conflict XII. Stephen P. Marks: Defining cultural rights XIII. Arne Oshaug and Wenche Barth Eide: The long process of giving content to an economic, social and cultural right: twenty-five years with the case of the right to adequate food XIV. Arjun Sengupta: Development co-operation and the right to development XV. Sigrun I. Skogly: The obligation of international assistance and co-operation in the International Conventant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights XVI. David Weissbrodt and Muria Kruger: Business and human rights XVII. Gudmundur Alfredsson: The Greenlander and their human rightd choices XVIII. Stanislav V. Chernichenko: Protection of kin-minorities: international standards and Russian practice XIX. John Packer: The contemporary protection of minorities XX. Martin Schinin: Minority rights: additional rights or added protection? XXI. Max van der Stoel: The Hague, Oslo and Lund Recommendation regarding minority questions XXII. Cecilia Thompson: The United Nations Sub-Commission Working Group on Minorities: what protection for minority rights? XXIII. Theo van Boven: "Political" and "legal" control mechanisms revisited XXIV. Nils A. Butenschøn: Citizenship and human rights: some thoughts on a complex relationship XXV. Erica-Irene A. Daes: International human rights law, the environment and indigenous peoples XXVI. Vojin Dimitrijevic: Terrorism and human rights after 2001 XXVII. Louis Joinet: La lutte contre I'impunité XXVIII. Morten Kjærum: National human rights institutions implementing human rights XXIX. Guennadi Lebakine: Some reflections on the rules and practics followed by the Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights XXX. Jakob Th. Mõller: Treatment of persons deprived of liberty: analysis of the Human Rights Committee's case law under Article 10 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights(ICCPR) XXXI. Paulo Sérgio Pinheiro: Struggling against racism in the aftermath of 11 September 2001 XXXII. Bertrand G. Ramcharan: Leadership in human rights XXXIII. Allan Rosas: The sources of fundamental rights of the European Union: a structural overview XXXIV. Lucy Smith: Human rights for children XXXV. Danilo Türk: Reflections on human rights, sovereignty of states and the principle of non-intervention XXXVI. Hamila Embarek Warzazi: Droits de l'homme et pratiques traditionnelles Betty Haugen: Bibliography
Date accessed / downloaded:18.10.2011
Number of pages:828
Document type:Adobe PDF (application/pdf)
Responsible partner:Norwegian Centre for Human Rights
Date published in Legal Tools:21.05.2016
Date registered:21.05.2016
Origin:Internet download
Subject:International criminal law
Author/Editor:Editor: Morten Bergsmo; Authors: Allan Rosas, Antonio Cassese, Arjun Sengupta, Arne Oshaug, Bard Anders Andreassen, Bertrand G. Ramcharan, Cecilia Thompson, Christopher Keith Hall, Danilo Turk, David Weissbrost, Erica-Irene A. Daes, Erik Mose, Frederik Harhoff, Gudmundur Alfredsson, Guennadi Lebakine, Hamila Embarek Warzazi, Hanne Sophie Greve, Jakob Th. Moller, John Packer, Jose T. Esquinas-Alcazar, Louis Joinet, Lucy Smith, Martin Scheinin, Max van der Stoel, Morten Kjoerum, Muria Kruger, Nils A. Butenschon, Paulo Sergio Pinheiro, Payam Akhavan, Rolf Einar Fife, Sigrun I. Skogly, Stanislav V. Chernichenko, Stephen P. Marks, Theo van Boven, Theodor Meron, Uwe Kracht, Vojin Dimitrijevic, Wenche Barth Eide
Publisher:Martinus Nijhoff Publishers
Download "Morten Bergsmo (ed), "Human Rights [...]" (54 M) Preview