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Database Record Number:202326
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Title:Anami, et. al. - Reference the proceedings of the trial
Content type:Judicial document
Source type:Judicial body
Organisation / State of source:United Kingdom
Organisation / State of judicial body:United Kingdom
Date created:31.08.1946
Original language:Yes
Authoritative language:Yes
Abstract:To be added
Case name (ICC naming convention):United Kingdom v. Sanso Anami et al.
Case/Document number:JAG No. 65098
Composition of chamber:SMITH; SAHAYBA; FROIDEVILLE
Presiding judge:SMITH
Place of court:Singapore, Singapore (UK)
Type of court:Military jurisdiction
Accused / Defendant:ANAMI, Sanso; SHIMADA, Kuranosuke; SHIOSAWA, Kazue; UEDA, Tadao; MORI, Masao; KAWAI, Kichijiro; YAMAMOTO, Yoshikazu; KASAYAMA, Yashikichi; TOYODA, Ginjiro; KANEKADO, Kankon; KIMURA, Shigeru; FUJIMOTO, Yoshio; KURASHIMA, Hideichi
Prosecutor's team / Claimant:COOPER
Counsel for defence:YAMASHITA, Ukichi; KOHLI
Resource citation (EN):United Kingdom, Military jurisdiction, United Kingdom v. Sanso Anami et al., Reference the proceedings ao the trial by military court, National Archives Kew, London, WO 00235 No. 00886, JAG No. 65098
Document type:Adobe PDF (application/pdf)
Responsible partner:Marburg University
Date published in Legal Tools:28.02.2012
Origin:Scanned document
Download "Anami, et. al. - Reference [...]" (3.7 M) Preview