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Database Record Number:255575
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Title:Sentencia C-579/13 [Demanda de inconstitucionalidad contra el artículo 1º del Acto Legislativo 01 de 2012 (parcial)]
Translated title (EN):Ruling C-579/13 [Decision by the Constitutional Court of Columbia upholding the Legislative Act No. 1 of 2012]
External identifier:Expediente D-9499
Content type:Judicial document
Source:Trial Chamber
Source type:Judicial body
Organisation / State of source:Colombia
Related organisation / state:Constitutional Court
Organisation / State of judicial body:Colombia
Date created:28.08.2013
Original language:Yes
Authoritative language:Yes
Abstract:Decision by the Constitutional Court of Columbia upholding the Legislative Act No. 1 of 2012 (By Means of Which Legal Transitional Justice Instruments are Established in the Framework of Article 22 of the Political Constitution and Other Provisions are Dictated).
Case name (ICC naming convention):Sentencia C-579/13
Case/Document number:Expediente D-9499
Outcome of trial:Other
Phase of case:Review
Composition of chamber:PALACIO PALACIO, Jorge Iván; CALLE CORREA, María Victoria; GONZÁLEZ CUERVO, Mauricio; GUERRERO PÉREZ, Luis Guillermo; MENDOZA MARTELO, Gabriel Eduardo; PINILLA PINILLA , Nilson; PRETELT CHALJUB, Jorge Ignacio; ROJAS RIOS, Alberto; ERNESTO, Luis
Presiding judge:PALACIO PALACIO, Jorge Iván
Place of court:Bogota, Colombia
Type of court:Ordinary jurisdiction
Accused / Defendant:GIRALDO, Gustavo Gallón; CALDERÓN, Fátima Esparza; MÁRQUEZ, Mary de la Libertad Díaz; RUGELES, Juan Camilo Rivera
Resource citation (EN):Colombia, Corte Constitucional (Constitutional Court) Judgment, decision no. C-579/13, 28 August 2013
Date accessed / downloaded:24.01.2014
Number of pages:281
Document type:Adobe PDF (application/pdf)
Date published in Legal Tools:24.01.2014
Date registered:24.01.2014
Origin:Internet download
Download "Sentencia C-579/13 [Demanda de inconstitucionalidad [...]" (4.7 M) Preview