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Database Record Number:670164
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Title:Jens Iverson, “Disarming the Trap: Evaluating Prosecutorial Discretion in Preliminary Examinations beyond the False Dichotomy of Politics and Law”, in Bergsmo and Stahn (editors), Quality Control in Preliminary Examination: Volume 2
Content type:Academic writing
Source type:Publicist
Organisation / State of source:Torkel Opsahl Academic EPublisher (TOAEP)
Date created:06.09.2018
Original language:Yes
Authoritative language:Yes
Date accessed / downloaded:06.09.2018
Number of pages:32
Document type:Adobe PDF (application/pdf)
Responsible partner:LTP Coordination Team
Date published in Legal Tools:06.09.2018
Subject:International criminal law
Author/Editor:Jens Iverson
Publisher:Torkel Opsahl Academic EPublisher (TOAEP)
Download "Jens Iverson, “Disarming the Trap: [...]" (3.8 M) Preview