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Title:Morten Bergsmo (ed), Criteria for Prioritizing and Selecting Core International Crimes (Second Edition), FICHL Publication Series No. 4, Torkel Opsahl Academic EPublisher, 2010
Content type:Publications
Source:Torkel Opsahl Academic EPublisher (TOAEP)
Source type:Publicist
Organisation / State of source:Torkel Opsahl Academic EPublisher (TOAEP)
Date created:23.07.2010
Original language:Yes
Authoritative language:Yes
Abstract:1. Siri Frigaard: Some Introductory Remarks 2. Morten Bergsmo: The Theme of Selection and Prioritization Criteria and Why it Is Relevant 3. Rolf Einar Fife: Criteria for Prosecution of International Crimes: The Importance for States and the International Community of the Quality of the Criminal Justice Process for Atrocities, in Particular of the Exercise of Fundamental Discretion by Key Justice Actors 4. Julija Bogoeva: Introductory Remarks to Part II 5. Claudia Angermaier: Case Selection and Prioritization Criteria in the Work of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia 6. Alex Obote-Odora: Case Selection and Prioritization Criteria at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda 7. Paul Seils: The Selection and Prioritization of Cases by the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court 8. Zekerija Mujkanović: The Orientation Criteria Document in Bosnia and Herzegovina 9. Mirna Goransky and María Luisa Piqué: (The Lack of) Criteria for the Selection of Crimes Against Humanity Cases: The Case of Argentina 10. Anees Ahmed and Margaux Day: Prosecution Criteria at the Khmer Rouge Tribunal 11. Terry M. Beitner: Canada’s Approach to File Review in the Context of War Crimes Cases 12. Maria Paula Saffon: Problematic Selection and Lack of Clear Prioritization: The Colombian Experience 13. Vesna Terselić: Criteria for Prioritising and Selecting Core International Crimes Cases: The Situation in Croatia 14. Fadillah Agus: Human Rights Courts in Indonesia: A Brief Outline 15. Nataša Kandić: The Republic of Serbia Office of the War Crimes Prosecutor Has No Strategy for Prosecuting War Crimes 16. Christopher K. Hall: The Danger of Selective Justice: All Cases Involving Crimes under International Law Should be Investigated and the Suspects, when there is Sufficient Admissible Evidence, Prosecuted 17. Ilia Utmelidze: The Time and Resources Required by Criminal Justice for Atrocities and de facto Capacity to Process Large Backlogs of Core International Crimes Cases: The Limits of Prosecutorial Discretion and Independence 18. Mirsad Tokaĉa: Introductory Remarks on the Characteristics of Effective Criteria for the Prioritization of Core International Crimes Cases 19. Claudia Angermaier: Essential Qualities of Prioritization Criteria: Clarity and Precision; Public Access; Non-Political and Confidence- Generating Formulations; Equal and Transparent Application; and Effective Enforcement 20. Xabier Agirre Aranburu: Gravity of Crimes and Responsibility of the Suspect 21. Vladimir Tochilovsky: Post-Conflict Criminal Justice: Practical and Policy Considerations 22. Serge Brammertz: The Interaction Between International and National Criminal Jurisdictions: Developments at the ICTY 23. Clint Williamson: Remarks on Prioritization Criteria from the Perspective of the U.S. War Crimes Programme 24. Richard Dicker: Making Justice Meaningful for Victims
Date accessed / downloaded:03.11.2011
Number of pages:302
Document type:Adobe PDF (application/pdf)
Responsible partner:Norwegian Centre for Human Rights
Date published in Legal Tools:21.05.2016
Date registered:21.05.2016
Origin:Internet download
Subject:International criminal law
Author/Editor:Editor: Morten Bergsmo; Authors: Alex Obote-Odora, Anees Ahmed, Christopher K. Hall, Claudia Angermaier, Clint Williamson, Fadillah Agus, Ilia Utmelidze, Julija Bogoeva, Margaux Day, Maria Luisa Pique, Maria Paul Saffon, Mirna Goransky, Mirsad Tokaca, Morten Bergsmo, Natasa Kandic, Paul Seils, Richard Dicker, Rolf Einar Fife, Serge Brammertz, Siri Frigaard, Terry M. Beitner, Vesna Terselic, Vladimir Tochilovsky, Xabier Agirre Aranburu and Zekerija Mujkanovic
Publisher:Torkel Opsahl Academic EPublisher
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