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The Legal Tools Database uses Persistent URLs (PURLs). This means that the URL or Internet address of each document contained in the Database is permanent and will not be changed. As a user you can, in other words, refer to documents in the Database by including their PURL in your text (or its notes). If you make the PURL a hyperlink to the document in question, the link will never be broken by the Legal Tools Project.

By using such hyperlinked PURLs to legal documents in the free, public online Legal Tools Database, you help construct an ever-increasing common space of legal references and sources. Serving as the emerging public commons in international criminal law, the Legal Tools Database equalizes access to legal information and levels the playing field among practitioners in this area of law. As such, the Legal Tools Project contributes to capacity development especially at the national level.

On 30 May 2012, the ICC Appeals Chamber started using Legal Tools Database PURLs in its decisions. The Katanga Trial Judgment of 7 March 2014 contains hyperlinks to 538 legal sources in the Legal Tools Database. Since then dozens of ICC decisions use such hyperlinks. The Legal Tools Project encourages courts, governments, non-governmental organizations, academics, publishers, and others to include references to the hyperlinked PURL of documents in the Legal Tools Database  when feasible.