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Title:Charter of the International Military Tribunal (IMT)
Content type:International legal instrument
Source:Other judicial documents
Source type:International organisation
Organisation / State of source:United Nations (UN)
Related organisation / state:United Nations (UN)
Organisation / State of judicial body:United Nations (UN)
Date created:08.08.1945
Original language:Yes
Abstract:Part of the London Agreement of 8 August 1945, by the Government of the United States of America, the Provisional Government of the French Republic, the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the Government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics ("the Signatories"), acting in the interests of the United Nations, for the Prosecution and Punishment of the Major War Criminals of the European Axis.
Notes:Source: Trial of the Major War Criminals Before the International Military Tribunal, Nuremberg, 14 November 1945 - 1 October 1946, Vol I. Official Documents, pp. 10-16. Nuremberg, Germany, 1947.
Number of pages:7
Document type:Adobe PDF (application/pdf)
Responsible partner:Norwegian Centre for Human Rights
Date published in Legal Tools:10.11.2008
Date registered:10.11.2008
Subject:International criminal law
Download "Charter of the International Military [...]" (236 K) Preview