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Status of work on the Tools

International Criminal Court Documents45,404
Other International(ised) Criminal Jurisdictions54,665
International Legal Instruments1,091
Human Rights Law Decisions and Documents4,040
Other International Law Decisions and Documents8,787
National Criminal Jurisdictions17,266
United Nations War Crimes Commission11,805
International(ised) Fact-Finding Mandates949

The Legal Tools Database is being continuously developed by the Legal Tools Project, with daily uploading of new documents and search data. The table above is updated twice per day. The express goal of the Project is to include in the Legal Tools Database every legal document - international or national - that a practitioner working on core international crimes cases might need.

Metadata (such as the name and date of a document, when it was issued and by whom) have been registered for almost all documents in the Database pursuant to a Metadata Manual used by the Legal Tools Project. The search functionality of the Database incorporates keywords in an auto-suggest list linked to the search term field.

The ICC is committed to the further development of the content and technical qualities of the Legal Tools. As the work to collect documents, register metadata for each document, and upload the documents onto the ICC Legal Tools Database is labour intensive, and as the ICC is an operational criminal court with limited human resources, this work on the Legal Tools is largely being done by actors external to the ICC without any cost to the ICC. The external partners use their own human resources and find funding themselves for this activity. Their contribution is based on formal co-operation agreements with the ICC. The Governments of Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland have contributed to the Legal Tools activities of the external partners. Here you see a table showing the distribution of work between the external partners.