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Legal Tools Expert Advisory Group

An ICC Legal Tools Expert Advisory Group (the LTEAG) has been established with leading legal informatics experts to serve as an advisory and sounding board for the further technical and strategic development of the Legal Tools. The members of the Group are: Professor Morten Bergsmo (Norway); Professor Maximilian Herberger, University of Saarland (Germany); Professor Anja Oskamp, Free University Amsterdam (the Netherlands); Professor Ulf Petrusson (University of Gothenburg); Professor Marie-Francine (Sien) Moens, Catholic University Leuven (Belgium); Professor Richard V. De Mulder, Erasmus University Rotterdam (the Netherlands); and Professor Giovanni Sartor, European University Institute (Italy). The late Professor Jon Bing was the first Chair of the Group. The inaugural meeting of the Group took place at the interim seat of the Court on 7 December 2005.